Friday, January 28, 2011

June 30 Washington, D.C.

Laid back and relaxed at the Bloomingdale Inn Bed and Breakfast. It
is two-hour parking and I didn’t watch the clock. So I got a $30.00 parking
ticket on the rental car. In retrospect, we might have been better off staying
out in Maryland. Oh, well! I went to Washington National Cathedral. It
was very nice, but I think that Grace Cathedral is better. Having Lee and
and Jackson stained glass windows is certainly unfortunate! Nothing pro-
Union, at least that I saw. There are very nice mosaics in some of the
chapels. The Washington Post carried a story that they are closing their
greenhouse store, to the dismay of neighbors who say that is the only
neighborhood connection that WNC has. The rest is for tourists. The article
also said that WNC had a $3.0 million budget deficit and had to say off 33
people. Sad!

The Washington National Cathedral has many stained glass windows about Americans
and their history, including this one commemorating the Battle of Midway.

We had dinner at the Village Bistro with Lana and Jerry Negin. It
was so great to see Jerry again after all these years! He shaved his mustache,
and now I have one! A fantastic guy, one who made the Navy fun for me

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