Friday, January 28, 2011

June 18 Evanston, Wyoming to Fort Collins, Colorado; June 19 Fort Collins, Colorado to Russell, Kansas

Two uneventful driving days on good interstate highways. We used
two-lane US 287 from Laramie which saved a considerable distance.
Interesting how the open space changes between Wyoming and Colorado.
Wyoming is high, scrubby ranch country and an oil patch. It gets prettier as
you move south toward Denver. Heading east onto the Great Plains toward
Kansas, it gradually changes from cattle ranching to grain farming.
Uneventful driving days are, of course, good things. The AmericInn in
Russell, Kansas is very nice. The joke is on Penny, a Democrat’s Democrat,
because Russell is the home of two prominent Republican U.S. senators:
Dole, and Spector. LOL! (Note: Spector changed parties in 2009)

Evanston is the quintessential western American town.

Colorado is famous for beautiful mountain scenery, but Kansas is just as famous for
being flat.

Grain elevators mark a passage through Kansas.

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