Sunday, January 30, 2011

July 24 To Brussels and Texel Island

Today was a travel day. We checked out of the hotel and walked
across the street to the Luxembourg city train station. We caught the 0824
train to Brussels. Another fellow got on and took the corner two seats
opposite the one where we had stacked our luggage. He promptly lay down
so as not to be visible unless anyone was standing right next to him. The
conductor caught him, of course. The guy tried to pretend he was sleepy,
that he did not understand, etc., etc. All to no avail. At one of the
intermediate stops, three conductors suddenly appeared as the train slowed
to a halt. They ordered him off the train, and the stationmaster stood there as
the culprit descended the stairs and disappeared from my view. I don’t
know if he was detained at all. If not, what would stop him from just
working his way in the direction of his destination by just waiting until he
got thrown off of each train?

We changed trains at Brussels Noord and boarded a Dutch train
headed for Rotterdam. Once there, we picked up a Mitsubishi Colt that we
had reserved from Budget and set out for Texel. It actually felt kind of good
to be driving again. (Weird, I know.)

On the road again!

Holland is nothing if not flat.

Den Helder harbor scene.

Driving onto the Texel Island ferry.

The drive along the Dutch autoroute was easy. We had lunch at a
roadside service area and continued on to Den Helder where we boarded the
car ferry to Texel. The price convinced us that we would not be making any
day trips off the island. After about fifteen minutes, we were discharged
onto the island. A motorcycle cop with a radar gun got the message across
to all drivers that life was slow on Texel and they had better get with the
program. We proceeded by Den Burg (the “big” town) and on three more
kilometers to De Waal, where we had reservations at the Hotel Rebecca run
by Michel and Corinne. A gourmet restaurant is part of the establishment,
with Michel being the chef. We had a fantastic four-course meal, and
decided that we ought not to eat so much every day!

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