Sunday, January 30, 2011

July 21 and 22 Luxembourg

On the 21st, we walked around the old town. The large moat is now a
park and a residential neighborhood! BIG moat! There are a couple of high
viaduct bridges that reach across to the bluffs of the old city. This is a
formidable defense position, one that reminds us very much of Toledo in
Spain. It was overcast and windy, and because it was Monday, the city
museum was closed. I was not feeling very well anyway, and so we came
back to the hotel. I laid down and slept, and Penny went out to buy some
orange juice.

Luxembourg city is a curious combination of storybook architecture with financial center.

The next day went much better. It was still overcast and cool, so I
bought a couple of colored, long-sleeved, collar-less shirts on sale at the
C&A department store. Good old reliable C&A! The city museum was
open and we also had a nice lunch there. We looked over the famous Bock
Casements and then returned to the old town. There was a Pizza Hut with an
ad for feta cheese and olives. The feta cheese was cut to look like the
Parthenon! What a hoot! We did NOT eat at the Pizza Hut! Later on, we
continued our tradition of sampling the local beer. We went for a snack and
had a couple of pints of Diekirch lager. Another good one!

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