Sunday, January 30, 2011

August 1 Last Day in Amsterdam

We packed up once again and moved our luggage downstairs. Peter
made pancakes for breakfast! They were great! I can’t remember how long
it has been since I ate pancakes. We headed out for our last day in
Amsterdam. As usual, we did not get out until about eleven, which cramped
our style. We had to choose between the Rijksmuseum and the Amsterdam
Historical Museum. The Rijksmuseum is of course the home of the works
of the Dutch masters, and there is only a small part of it currently open
because of ongoing renovations. So we went to the historical museum. It is
a nice display that included the archaeological methods used to restore the
medieval city. As European cities go, Amsterdam is fairly young because
the “dam” on the Amstel River was only founded some seven hundred years
ago. So there are no Roman ruins, let alone a throne room built for
Constantine. Not surprisingly, a large fraction of the two dozen rooms is
dedicated to seventeenth century topics and to Amsterdam’s role in the VOC.
We said our despedidas with Peter and Tomasz and set out again for
Amsterdam Centraal station.

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