Sunday, January 30, 2011

July 29 Texel to Amsterdam

We left Texel on the ferry and then drove to Amsterdam. We turned
in the car and took the train (one stop) to Amsterdam Centraal station. It
was an easy walk to Peter and Tomasz’s bed and breakfast, where I finally
got to meet the nice chaps whose praises Penny has been singing for month
now. Also, of course, Peter’s mother, Wilma, who was just visiting.
The first impression that I got of central Amsterdam was that it is all it
is cracked up to be. (No pun intended!) That is to say, a beautiful old city,
full of people smoking tobacco/marijuana mixed cigarettes. And shops to
sustain that activity, along with adult toy stores and so on. I consider myself
to be a tolerant individual, but this was just skuzzy.

We did have a nice dinner in a Greek restaurant. Penny had souvlaki
and I had moussaka. We meant to go out later for ice cream, but we never
made it. Penny got caught up writing the blog, and I wrote this entry after
finishing Icon by Frederick Forsyth.

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