Friday, January 28, 2011

June 28 Driving to Virginia Beach, Virginia

We drove to Virginia Beach for the wedding of Christy Nesselrode
and Todd Robinson. Everything was on track until we got to Williamsburg
along I-64. We were delayed an hour due to an accident that destroyed a
motor home. So we were late to the bridal luncheon, but we made it.
Southern weddings are a big deal. Bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner at
Sewell’s Point Golf Club, the wedding itself at Sacred Heart Church, and
then the reception at the Chrysler Art Museum. It was a treat to see Mark,
Maratha, Lauri, Christy, and Lynne again. We also saw other old friends
from the Navy there, including Bob Butt and two of his sons who are naval
officers now, Terry and Ingrid Etnyre from USS Long Beach, and Tom
Barnett who commanded USS Horne when I was executive officer in USS
Jouett, and Craig and Sandy Solem.

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