Saturday, January 29, 2011

July 17 On to the Continent

In the morning, we both had a nice English breakfast…and we both
skipped the beans altogether! We took the Eurostar train from St. Pancras
International to Bruxelles Gare du Midi. Good bye to British pounds and
hello again to Euros! We actually came a bit ahead for once, since the big
stack of Euros that we had amassed last spring in France cost a bit less than
the current U.S. dollar exchange rate. That was the good news!
The bad news is that Gare du Midi is very confusingly signposted.
We actually spun our wheels for more than two hours before finally heading
off in the right direction. But the bed at the Downtown BXL bed and
breakfast was very comfortable indeed. We found a great restaurant a few
blocks away near Metro Bourse. Bruce had a great tortellini prosciutto and
Penny had a lamb dish which may have been even better!

We resolved to take care of the travel arrangements between Warsaw and St. Petersburg
The Eurostar trains run under the English Channel from London to Paris or to Brussels.

Penny with five of our six luggage pieces in the Grand Place, a main plaza in Brussels.

The Downtown BXL bed and breakfast was very nice. Because it is in an old building,
the stairway is very narrow and the advantages of traveling light with small suitcases
became apparent. Our room was pleasant, comfortable, and spacious.

Brussels street scenes.

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