Friday, January 28, 2011

July 1 to July 3 Washington, D.C.

I managed not to get any parking tickets today. We went out to
Frederick, Maryland, to visit Pat and Cheryl. Pat made his world-famous
beer can chicken which was delicious. We hoisted a couple of Cervezas
Presidentes (each) in honor of the Dominican Republic. Our nephew Adrian
stopped by, and it was nice to catch up with him, too.

We continued our regimen of a friend each day. On July 2, we drove
out to Chevy Chase to visit Cathy Bernard, a classmate of Penny’s from
George Washington University. One of her two adopted children was
present. Alex is a very nice young man. Amanda, his sister, was away at
summer camp. I goofed up and got in trouble for tossing their dog a small
scrap under the table. The next day, we went out to Reston, Virginia, to visit
Mark and Barbara Solow. They also went to GWU with Penny. We had yet
another nice time and were introduced to Famous Dave’s Barbeque. It was
delicious. Their son, Andrew, lives in the area and joined us for both lunch
and dinner. We both got a chuckle when we drove along the George
Washington Parkway and passed signs that marked the turnoff to the George
Bush Center for Intelligence. We enjoyed our visit to the Smithsonian Air
and Space Museum.

In retrospect, we would have been better off to stay outside the
District of Columbia and use the car or public transit to come into town.
Something to remember for next time.

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