Sunday, January 30, 2011

August 6 Warsaw

The house experienced a sewage backup. Our room, bathroom and
the Fays’ laundry room are all in a half-basement level. The recent heavy
rains may be at the root of this particular problem. Today was an easy day.
Penny rested in the morning, which means that she worked hard on her blog.
I went out walking, and went in the direction of the Wilanow Palace. My
mission was to buy post cards, and I did that. I walked around the
neighborhood a bit. An interesting juxtaposition. Some side streets were
unpaved. New construction apartment complexes across the road. Nice
houses with cars, but outbuildings in disrepair. That evening, we took Jola
and Natalie to dinner at the Pod Samsonem restaurant in Nove Miasto. It
had a few Jewish specialties and it is known for them. Not a kosher place
though. Sunset was late and we all walked around that section of town,
which we had not seen before.

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