Saturday, January 29, 2011

July 20 Luxembourg

We walked through the Brussels grand market square and on to the
Gare Central, where we caught an afternoon train to Luxembourg. At times
there were quite a few passengers. Many of them were Scouts headed for
camping destinations in the Ardennes. It rained, off and on, all day. At
Marloie station, a disembarking passenger appeared to fall from the car
behind us. He landed flat and seemed to crack his head on the platform. We
could not get off to help because the train might leave at any moment.
Nobody on the platform lifted a finger to help him. Finally, an older woman
approached him as he rolled over. She picked up his empty beer can and
tossed it in the garbage can. She returned his full, unopened one to him with
a disdainful expression. He did indeed appear to be under the influence, but
I think he may have suffered a mild concussion. There were very few
passengers left on board when we crossed into Luxembourg and arrived
soon thereafter at the capital’s train station.

Our hotel is quite comfortable, but a bit noisy. It is directly across the
boulevard from the train station.  See above.  We have a fifth floor room, and since
Penny needs the window open to breathe at night, we will hear it all. The
airport is very close and the railway station is directly underneath the takeoff
pattern. But really, this is not a problem.

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