Wednesday, February 2, 2011

September 8 Guilin

Reed Flute Cave lighting.

Mom, are we there yet?

Today we visited the Reed Flute Cave, which is located some distance
from Guilin. It is a very large limestone cave, and has been developed for
tourists with colored lights, safe stairways and floors, and so on. Sue told
that the cave’s existence was kept secret for centuries by villagers until 1959.
We had free time after we got back to town. Neither Penny nor I are finding
Bill’s company to be very pleasant. He is very self-centered, and even said
on the first day we met that he was excluded from an intramural basketball
team for being an “arrogant ball hog.” His words, not mine, and he did not
take exception to his friends’ characterizing as such. Any way, he seems to
prefer to go his own way, and we prefer it that way. The problem with that,
of course, is that as a Sundowners group leader, he is supposed to be on the
lookout for our interests. We did a boat tour by night of the Guilin city
lights, all suggested and arranged by Sue.

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