Wednesday, February 2, 2011

September 16 Leaving Hong Kong

This morning we checked out of the Ramada Hong Kong Hotel, and
did our best to end up with as little Hong Kong currency as possible. We
made our last internet and e-mail check, and then went to buy a few things
for the ship voyage. In the early afternoon, a shipping agent representative
came with a driver to collect us and our luggage. We went to the big
containers facility located just north of Stonecutter’s Island. Which, by the
way, is no longer an island. Driving among the containers was like a jungle
in itself, and we finally pulled up to the berth where MV CMA CGM Hugo
was moored.

The crew kindly carried aboard our luggage, and we were escorted
aboard by Chief Mate Bruno Brockmann. The owner’s cabin is located high
in the deckhouse superstructure. We had dinner, which was a mashed potato
and corned beef mixture. This is, after all, a German-flagged ship! After
meeting Captain Pschonder and turning over to him the requisite documents,
we settled into the commodious cabin. They continued to handle containers
throughout the night.

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