Wednesday, February 2, 2011

September 5 Kunming

Bruce and Penny in the Stone Forest.

After a second night on the train, we arrived in Kunming in the
mornig. Kunming is the capital of Yunnan province, which borders with
Vietnam, Laos, and Burma (Myanmar). Yunnan is home to fifty-two ethnic
minorities. Gail, the local guide, met us at the train station and got us
checked into the Hai Tian Hotel. It is very nice, and has free internet in the
room! Alaine will be leaving us tomorrow, and she will be replaced by Bill,
who will take us the rest of the way to Hong Kong. Bill seems like a very
nice young man. He is from Guangdong Province.
This was our final tour with Alaine.

We cleaned up and went to the Stone Forest, located about two hours
away from Kunming by expressway. A very nice park has been built around
the stone formations. As the pictures show, we had a very nice visit. First
we had a great lunch at a restaurant out there. Catering to the tourism at the
Stone Forest were many people wearing traditional Yi nationality costumes.

Having eaten quite a lot in the past few days, we skipped dinner and
took in the “Dynamic Yunnan” show. It consisted mostly of traditional song
and dance, with a few modern elements and arrangements. Unlike any show
I have ever seen.

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