Wednesday, February 2, 2011

September 4 Xi’an to Kunming

We slept reasonably well on the train, and got lucky because the
fourth berth in our cabin was never occupied. This train was quite as fancy
as the one from Beijing to Xi’an, but the cabin was still comfortable. This
wagon also had a Western toilet at one end, a “squat” one at the other end,
and also a three-sink washroom. Unfortunately, there was no water service
in the Western toilet which was right next to our cabin. The good news was
that the food in the restaurant car was actually quite decent. We all spent a
good day resting, reading, and playing cards.

Chongqing (Chungking) was one of the stops, and right afterwards the
train crossed the Yangtze River. It was just fantastic actually to see it after
reading so much about it for so many years. Even though we only got a
short glimpse as the train continued south.

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