Wednesday, February 2, 2011

August 10 Saint Petersburg to Vladimir

The Hermitage.

We packed out of the Hotel Shelfort, and our group headed out for a whirlwind tour of the Hermitage. A large cruise ship had arrived that morning, and the place was packed. We saw works by major European
artists (non-Russian), most of whom we had seen in other museums. But the collection is simply fantastic, and the Winter Palace itself was for me the highlight of the tour. Lara is very knowledgeable about the art. She
accompanied us afterward to the Moskovskii Station.

We had dinner in one of the station cafes. Good chicken shish kebab. We got on the train for
Vladimir. Because we had paid for a supplement, Penny and I had a room to ourselves. Not as new as the Polish train, but still nice. Hard bunks, though, and not much air! This will be a problem for Penny! Alaine, Butch, and Del have three of four bunks in a differently configured car. I believe that this may be the first time that Alaine has had someone with the berthing upgrade. She said she would come up and see us, but it appears that passengers may not move from car to car. We are due to arrive in Vladimir at 5:00 am.
The train to Vladimir on a platform at Moskovskii Station in St. Petersburg.

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