Wednesday, February 2, 2011

September 7 Guilin

We seem to have slept pretty well on our penultimate train night. The
train went through Nanning and on to Guilin. Once again, our local guide
Sue was there to meet us and we checked into the Hotel Universal Guilin. It
is easily the best hotel so far on the Sundowners package deal. Like the Hai
Tian Hotel in Kunming, this one has free internet connections in each room.
Ours did not work, and so we were immediately moved to a room where the
connection was good. We went out with Bill and had lunch on the
pedestrian mall. It was okay, and then we headed off to see some of the
town. Guilin has only 650,000 people. It has a great river walk promenade,
and a couple of small lakes in a park. In Shunshu Lake, there are two large
pagodas, a nine-storied copper one and a seven-storied one with glazed
eaves. This is simply one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen.
Along the lakefront park.

View from our hotel room.

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